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    R.C.N. SOLUTIONS: RD CLEAN CONCEPT, an absolute success

    Post Time:Oct 28,2021Classify:Industry NewsView:958

    With the launch of a new and innovative product a positive response from the market is expected. However, with the launch of RD CLEAN CONCEPT the success has been much higher than expected which has motivated RCN SOLUTIONS to increase production to satisfy demands.

    The interest for this product has dramatically increased during and after Vitrum 2021, where the system has been revealed, explained and its results displayed.

    Visitors who had to spend time and resources cleaning glass edges after lamination, have been looking for a solution like this for years, and have been impressed by RD CLEAN CONCEPT.

    RCN’s devotion to this project and the two years spent in materials engineering and testing have been rewarded.

    RCN has the only suitable product to enable customers to issue perfect laminated edges easily, without process modifications. The picture above shows how laminated glass comes out with RD CLEAN CONCEPT.

    The customers who trusted RD CLEAN CONCEPT, have been able to verify that the promises made have been fulfilled and the system is reliable, easy, clean and safe. Work safety is a crucial matter for all glaziers and since RD CLEAN CONCEPT does not need the use of sharp tools to remove the excess laminating interlayer because this manual operation is no longer necessary, more worker injuries can be prevented.

    RD CLEAN CONCEPT is patent pending, which means the product will have an intellectual property and will be protected by any attempt of replication. For this purpose, an international patent has been demanded too.
    But more importantly, any copy would not be as effective nor of the same value because the invention is the result of RCN ideas, design and production.

    Source: glassonlineAuthor: shangyi

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