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    Dip-Tech: focus on new generation printers at GlassBuild America 2021

    Post Time:Sep 14,2021Classify:Company NewsView:1116

    Dip-Tech, the digital ceramic glass printing business segment of Ferro, is pleased to be participating in GlassBuild America 2021.

    GlassBuild America 2021 is a welcome return to collaboration on the latest in glass technology and first exhibition appearance of the latest in Dip-Tech technology in the USA since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the past year has been a very challenging one for the entire industry, Dip-Tech has worked hard to continue serving its customer base around the world.

    In fact, the Company recently completed development of two printers – Dip-Tech DX-3 architecture glass printer and Dip-Tech VX-3 automotive replacement and specialty-transportation glass printer. These state-of-the-art machines underscore the Ferro commitment to providing the most technologically advanced printers alongside industry-leading support and know-how. The printers are also part of Dip-Tech’s comprehensive solution approach that includes application support, architect consulting services, marketing and graphics support, regional ink supply hubs, global service, and a printing line solution for customers.

    As in the past, Ferro will highlight its screen printing and container glass inks and technology. Ferro’s display will include a number of printed items that showcase the versatility and aesthetic properties of its unprecedented range of enamels and sprays for containers and tableware.

    “We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to exhibit at GlassBuild America 2021, particularly after experiencing unprecedented challenges throughout the past year,” said John Hickey, North America Digital Glass Business Manager at Dip-Tech. “We not only successfully persevered during this period but came out of it in an even stronger position, particularly due to the tremendous collaboration with our partners and customers. Dip-Tech took advantage of the unique circumstances of the past year to enhance our offering, and the new-generation machines on which we’re focusing at GlassBuild America 2021 reflect the fruits of our effort.”

    Source: glassonlineAuthor: shangyi

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